Why We Do It


(the way we do)

Over the last couple decades, scientists have plumbed the neural mysteries of creativity to divine its secrets and effectuate their application. This ponderous thicket of reading can be nutshelled in six words: Think like a New Yorker cartoonist. 

New Yorker cartoons neatly synthesize the requisite processes for insight and innovation. Cartoonists have known this for ages. Still, the question lingers—among the scientists, at least—“Why? Why does it work?” 

Because it does. That’s why.

And that’s not just a smart-aleck answer. Creativity is a discipline. It can be learned. But not from a science book. It is learned from exploration. Experimentation. Practice.

The more you practice, the better you get. The better your teachers, the better your practice. And just as scientists seek the best teachers, so have our cartoonists. To become masters, they studied the masters, the New Yorker legends who created, evolved, and elevated this discipline. Often literally at their elbow.

Now it’s your turn to study at theirs.

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