How to Think Like a New Yorker Cartoonist—and Why


You count on the cartoons.
You can count on the cartoonists.

Why do presenters rely on New Yorker cartoons? Because they deliver. Nothing else inspires genuine insights with such snap. How can you learn to spark ideas like that for yourself? By choosing your muse. Learn creative discipline directly from the cartoonists of The New Yorker. Welcome to The Drawing Board, the New Yorker cartoonists’ own creative consultancy.


Our Mission

“An idea is a thought that changes the way you see. Creativity is a way of thinking that changes the way you see—all the time.”

Win minds and hearts with ideas that communicate instantly. Ideas like that bring growth. And positive change. Having them is a skill. Skills can be taught.

Choose your teachers well.

The Drawing Board’s instructors don’t simply know about creativity, they know it. From the inside out. They are elite practitioners of the world’s most distilled art form. They’ll show you how their process, their skills—their discipline—can harness creativity you didn’t even know you had and kickstart your professional growth.

How We Do It


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Thinking like a cartoonist is the easiest and surest way to engage your entire creative brain. Not only does it facilitate coming up with and capturing ideas, it also helps you share them effectively. After all, what good is an idea if you can’t communicate it? 

It’s not a formula, but a discipline. A discipline that can be taught. And learned. The cartoonists of The New Yorker have developed an unrivaled mastery of that discipline over the past 90-plus years. The latest in neuroscience can shed light on why it works, but to understand the how—and make it work for you—look to the people who know it from the inside out.


The Cartoonists

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